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In 1994, the National Western began acquiring art selected by the Coors Western Art Advisory Committee for a permanent collection. Each year a poster is produced of the featured art, sold to benefit the National Western Scholarship Trust.

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• 2018 Dan Young
• 2017 Dinah K. Worman
• 2016 Don Coen
• 2015 Teresa Elliott
  • 2014 Quang Ho
• 2013 Jill Soukup
• 2012 Don Stinson
• 2011 Steve Kestrel
• 2010 G. Russell Case
• 2009 Skip Whitcomb
• 2008 Karmel Timmons
  • 2007 Gordon Brown
• 2006 T.D. Kelsey
• 2005 Barbara Van Cleve
• 2004 Len Chmiel
• 2003 Chris Owen
• 2002 Joel Ostlind
• 2001 Clyde Aspevig
  • 2000 George Carlson
• 1999 Charles Fritz
• 1998 Howard Post
• 1997 Bill Anton
• 1996 Jim Morgan
• 1995 R.S. Riddick
• 1994 William Matthews

Dinah K. Worman - 2017 Featured Artist

Worman Community
Medium: Oil

Dinah K. Worman - Taos, NM

2017 Featured Artist, Dinah Worman, has been a favourite of Coors Show patrons since 2011. Her painting History of a Field received the Best in Show award, in 2013, and she was selected for the Southwest Art Award, in 2015. 

Born in Midland, Texas, Worman excelled at art in school and went on to study at Colorado State University. After college she moved to Sheridan, Wyoming where she studied with William Wright who showed her the expressive qualities of pastel as a medium. Years later, she moved to Taos in an effort to focus on her career in art. The move inspired a visual shift in Worman that she pursues to this day.

Her work took yet another leap when she transitioned back to oils from pastels, and began exploring her now signature “stacked landscapes.” Painted in oil, Worman developed a process of creating painterly images based on the land mostly around northern New Mexico. Her process begins by triggering inspiration though reference photographs, which lead to small compositions laid-in with watered down black paint.  “I know immediately if the composition works,” she explained. “And if it does, I put a wash over the whole thing and start laying down juicy, thick oil paint.”  Read More »

Don Coen - 2016 Featured Artist

Coen Hush of Evening Snow
Hush of Evening Snow
Medium: Oil Stick

Don Coen - Boulder, CO

Don Coen's life journey to become an influential contemporary artist began at a very early age while growing up on his family farm in Lamar, Colorado. Raised without a television, the young Coen began at the early age of five designing and building his own toys and drawing by kerosene lamps at night around the kitchen table. From those quiet nights until the present, Don's work has been inspired by his experience working the land with his family and several Latino families that lived and worked alongside Coen throughout his childhood and early adult years.

Don’s arduous life on the farm unveiled a deep love and connection to the surreal beauty of the eastern Colorado plains and to the people that worked the land. His ability to see this landscape in its entirety began and continues to result in powerful artworks that capture the landscape, people, and fauna that represent the American plains. Read More »

Teresa Elliott - 2015 Featured Artist

Elliott High-Noon
High Noon
Medium: Oil

Teresa Elliott - Alpine, TX
I’ve always enjoyed conjuring my own realities in paint. Once the bones of a painting are in place the sweeping landscapes, epic bovines and calves are all there to entice me to capture them in situations that I would gladly trade places with. I paint them as I see them, living in the moment, casually exchanging a glance with a visitor who may pick up on the operatic atmosphere I strive for. My visual storytelling for the west is one I hope many will enjoy where this “Home On The Range” has skies that may be “cloudy all day.”

Teresa is coming off of a phenomenal 2014 including: a painting added to the National Western Stock Show’s permanent collection in Denver, Colorado, and a successful One Woman show at InSight Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas. Key exhibits include the 2014 Art Hamptons Art Fair in Bridgehampton, NY; the American Realism exhibit at the World Art Museum in Beijing, China; the Butler Institute of American Art; and seven years at the Coors Western Art Exhibit resulting in five People’s Choice awards. Other honors include Chairman’s Choice from the Art Renewal Center’s International Salon; Best Of Show at the Briscoe Western Art Museum’s Night Of Artists; and Artist’s Choice at the 2008 Cowgirl Up! exhibit at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum. Read More »

Quang Ho - 2014 Featured Artist

Medium: Oil

Quang Ho - Denver, CO

Realism and abstract-it's all the same to me. The real essence of painting is the dialogue between shapes, tones, colors, textures, edges, and line. Everything else follows-including light, form, concepts personal beliefs and inspirations. For me, painting is a marriage between the mastery of those 'basic visual elements'; the discoveries and understanding of visual statements [the search for what is true on a personal level artistically]; and the trust in ones own wordless intuition and inspiration. Understanding gives rise to higher understanding. Working this way allows me to open the door to new ideas and inspirations. One day I may be interested in a color statement, and the next may be a relationship of simple shapes, and the next an extremely complex arrangement of texture and edges...With every painting there is a singular visual thought to be completed. Read More »
Jill Soukup - 2013 Featured Artist

Hold Steady
Medium: Oil

Jill Soukup - Denver, CO

Jill Soukup was born in Buffalo, New York. Shortly thereafter, her family moved to Colorado, where she still resides. Jill's affinity for horses as a young girl resulted in countless drawings and studies of them, which made for a strong drawing foundation. As a teen, she started a pet-portrait business, acquired jobs painting murals, and designed logos for local organizations.

She graduated from Colorado State University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Fine Art. There, she received awards for illustration and design and worked as an illustrator and designer for the university. She initially pursued a career in graphic design while continuing to paint part time. After 11 years as a designer, she made the switch to full-time painting. Read More »
Don Stinson - 2012 Featured Artist

More Than a Feast for Crows
Medium: Oil

Don Stinson - Evergreen, CO

Don Stinson works as an artist in Evergreen, Colorado. He is known for painting vistas that explore the physical and cultural landscapes of the West and is drawn to the emerging forms of 21st century energy and communication industries. Forms such as wind turbines and cell towers, as well as the 20th century ruins of abandoned gas station canopies and drive-in theatre screens.

He wrote on contemporary landscape painting for the Petrie Institute of Western American Art's Elevating Western American Art (2012) and for Sojourns Magazine (2013). His work appears in the permanent collections of the Phoenix Art Museum and the Denver Art Museum and may be seen at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, Colorado, and the Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Read More »
Steve Kestrel - 2011 Featured Artist

Auroch Echoes
Medium: Black Granite

Steve Kestrel - Loveland, CO

Steve Kestrel grew up in southern New Mexico at the interface of the high desert and Sacramento mountains. This edge of the Chihuahuan Desert is a land of contrasts, in its ecosystems and corresponding flora and fauna. The bones of the land are there for all to see and read, if motivated and curious enough. With his family, he raised and trained quarter horses and worked cattle on ranches up through his college years. Kestrel now resides with his wife, Cindi, on a 43-acre wildlife preserve in Colorado's Redstone Canyon.

Of his Colorado home and studio, Kestrel says: "My studio in Redstone Canyon is a converted 3,400 sq. ft. barn (originally built in 1952 & added to in 1984) on which I have done very extensive remodeling. I now have it divided into working sections- stone carving room; welding & metal chasing room; mold & wax storage room; large 28' x 40' general work room; office, library / display room. Read More »
G. Russell Case - 2010 Featured Artist

Las Animas Trail
Medium: Oil

G. Russell Case - Brigham City, UT

Western painter G. Russell Case is inspired by nature, but he places little value on literal translations. His sweeping, idealized versions of the western landscape are compositions that combine the beauty of the natural world with the rich imagination and originality of an artist's mind. While there is an unmistakable honesty present in his painted environments -- stemming from his engagement with the land painted directly from nature -- viewers may be reminded of other great artists of the west, whose work is marked by distinctive artistic philosophies. Case's work is unfettered by philosophy and intellect, though he is surely a student of his artistic forebears. The monumental scale of Maynard Dixon, or the unfiltered color and light of Thomas Moran both find their way into his visual language. Yet Case's work is simple, pure, and fresh; his painting draws in the viewer and delivers timeless landscapes. We are immediately transported into a world created by shadow and light, of immense vistas punctuated by jagged mountains and inhabited by lonesome cowboys. Read More »
Skip Whitcomb - 2009 Featured Artist

The Rookie
Medium: Oil

Skip Whitcomb - Fort Collins, CO

“Mood and feeling are more important with Whitcomb than visual reference, though all of his landscapes he paints are compelling places,” says one museum curator.   “The detail of the physical world is subdued in response to the spiritual one.”  Whitcomb says, “Once you internalize the language of painting you see the world differently.  It never leaves you.  The veil of rational order is lifted and what hangs in the air are sensations of painted possibilities.  On good days, some would call it poetry.”

An accomplished outdoor painter, Whitcomb has received numerous awards for his landscape paintings in oil and pastel, his work resides in major public and private collections.  He has had several one-man shows and participated in numerous gallery invitational and museum exhibitions throughout the country.  Graduated Art Center College of Design. Read More »

Karmel Timmons - 2008 Featured Artist 

Handsome Hank
Medium: Pencil

Karmel Timmons - Elbert, CO

Since early childhood Karmel Timmons has loved to draw. When she moved to Elbert, Colorado she was inspired by the beautiful landscapes and horses on the surrounding ranches near her home.

Combining her ability to capture detail, texture and mood in pencil with her admiration for her equine subjects resulted in a career as a professional artist. Read More »

Gordon Brown - 2007 Featured Artist

Steamboat Pastures
Medium: Oil

Gordon Brown - Palisade, CO

“I appreciate people who enjoy my paintings and let the paintings speak for themselves.” So begins and ends an interview with the artist. Gordon Brown. Though short on titles and descriptions, his paintings speak for him volumes about the American landscapes he relishes.
Gordon’s first art invitational appearance occurred more than half his life ago in his native Grand Junction Colorado. Since that event nearly thirty years ago, Gordon has had numerous sold out one-man shows and headlined many group shows. Gordon’s work has become the pride of important art collections including that of the Denver Art Museum. Read More »

T.D. Kelsey - 2006 Featured Artist

Old Man's August
Medium: Bronze

Poster - Sketch for Old Man's August
Medium: Pencil and Watercolor

T.D. Kelsey - Guthrie, TX
T.D. Kelsey grew up on a ranch near Bozeman, Montana. He rodeoed for many years in rough stock events and team roping. Following that, T.D. trained and showed his own cutting horses for several years. He worked as a commercial pilot for United Airlines until 1979 when he resigned to devote full time to his art.

His interest in, and promotion of, Texas longhorn cattle, maintenance of a wild horse herd on his ranch, passion for Africa and its wildlife, and concern for the conservation of wildlife worldwide have inspired many of his works. An avid traveler, he has visited many countries on every continent except Antarctica, drawing and sculpting people and animals from all corners of the world in addition to his western subjects. He is known for his intense, impressionistic sculptures that capture the spirit of his subjects. Read More »

Barbara Van Cleve - 2005 Featured Artist

A Summer Afternoon
Medium: B/W photography

Barbara Van Cleve - Big Timber, MT
Barbara Van Cleve’s heritage is rich with family history and firsthand experience. Her family’s ranch, the Lazy K Bar, was founded in 1880 on the east slopes of the Crazy Mountains near Melville, Montana. Her father, Spike Van Cleve, was a unique combination of writer, poet, Harvard scholar, and expert horseman-and “a pure quill Montanan,” as her father once put it.

As a photographer, she has held a camera since she was 11 years old when her parents gave her a “Brownie” camera and a home developing kit. Her youthful interest in photography soon grew into a lifelong commitment. Ranch work also began early for Barbara. Barely six, she could be found helping at the corrals or sitting astride a horse. Ever since she has been documenting the “true grit” and romantic beauty of her experiences on the ranch and on other ranches in the West. Read More »

Len Chmiel - 2004 Featured Artist

Spring with Santa Ritas &amp Scaled Quail
Medium: Oil

Len Chmiel - Hotchkiss, CO
There is an intimacy and honesty about the subjects oil painter Len Chmiel chooses, as if each painting were an expression of himself.  He explains that he has a pretty good idea of who he is at this point in his life.  "I used to try to control everything but now I allow my intuition to speak more.  I try to stretch the truth of what the actual image is.  I never wind up with a real representation.  I do things that are recognizable, yes, but I have a much different intention."

Chmiel travels and works outdoors a great deal, frequently taking trips dedicated to painting on location.  His travels have taken him to England, Scotland, and across Europe, into Mexico, Guatemala and Uruguay, as far away as Nepal and Thailand, and as close to home as his own backyard.  He is fond of the Western United States where he often fits in hunting excursions with his painting trips.  Chmiel tends to work small on location and bring his work back to the studio where he focuses on larger paintings.  "I explore the boundaries of the smaller pieces to see which are suited for the impact of an expanded composition." Read More »

Chris Owen - 2003 Featured Artist

Earning His Salt
Medium: Gouache

Chris Owen - Billings, MT

Chris Owen's iconic cowboy paintings are inspired by the mystique and legend of the American Cowboy and the culture and lifestyle of the American West.

Chris' work has won the Museum Purchase Award at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Governor's Invitational Western Art Show, Cheyenne, WY. At the National Western Coors Western Art Exhibit, Denver, CO, he was awarded featured artist and won the National Western Permanent Collection Purchase Award. At the Graphic Arts Industry's 2006 international competition in Chicago, IL, the print titled "A Cowboy's Morning" won the Benjamin Franklin "Benny" award for best giclee print. Chris' work is in the permanent collection at the Pearce Western Art Collection, Corsicana, TX. He has exhibited at the C.M. Russell Art Auction, Great Falls, MT, and Western Visions at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, WY.

Chris was born in 1967 in the south central Montana community of Billings. He majored in art at Montana State University Billings, and attended Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. In 2011, Chris Owen Western Art Publishing was established with the purpose of providing galleries and their customers with the highest quality giclees of his work. This is done by giving each print the personal attention of the artist.
Joel Ostlind - 2002 Featured Artist

At the Edge of Camp
Medium: Oil

Joel Ostlind - Big Horn, WY

Wyoming native Joel Ostlind is a self-taught artist who spent much of his life on horseback, herding cattle  in the American West. He holds degrees in Soil Science and Ranch Management, but always carried a sketchbook conveying his intimate understanding of the land with exquisite detail and authenticity.

In 1990 Ostlind signed up for a printmaking class at Sheridan College and built a home studio in the Big Horn Mountains. His drawings found new life as copper plate etchings depicting the full range of Western life – from Native American lodges to contemporary fly fisherman, telemark skiers and horses grazing under Wyoming skies. Read More »


Clyde Aspevig - 2001 Featured Artist

Under the Big Sky
Medium: Oil

Clyde Aspevig - Billings, MT

Clyde Aspevig's personal and artistic horizons have unfolded expansively since his childhood on a Montana farm near the Canadian border. That period of geographical and cultural isolation was in retrospect a blessing for the artist he recalls. "Because I grew up in a vacuum in Montana, I wasn't taught the cliches."

He sees such naivete as allowing him to be more open to everything around him, which is especially evident in his latest works. His peripatetic field easel now ranges across the wild mountains and prairies of Montana, Death Valley, Adirondacks, rocky North Atlantic coast, Scandinavian fjords and the well-tended hillside estates of Tuscany. Growing up, he witnessed the alternatingly painful and joyful cycles of agricultural life. He was unusually fortunate to be encouraged by his family in the pursuits of art and appreciation of music. Clyde learned early on to work hard and persevere against obstacles natural and manmade. Rather than scoffing at or demeaning Clyde's interests, Clyde's father, the practical but open-minded farmer, bought his twelve-year-old son's first painting.

He considers his paintings as old friends and visual souvenirs of places experienced in his life. The viewer, too, shares in Clyde's magical evocations of the landscapes that touched him. Clyde Apsevig Painting Fall Colors While his early efforts attracted awards and critical praise from the regional or "Western" sector of the art community, Clyde's work has since emerged to be highly sought after by world class collectors. In a culture notorious for nourishing illustration of stereotypical, iconic subject matter, Clyde fearlessly departed whenever he felt the call, and resisted early attempts by Western art dealers to label him and restrict him to the saleable panoramic scenics.

His paintings of the West are not theatrical sets intended to reinforce regional mythology, but rather evocations of places that he perceives as already disappearing during his own lifetime, subjects worthy of both artistic and societal preservation. The paintings reflect Clyde's intense days of absorbing his natural surroundings, days which shaped a philosophy: "I see nature as being so much more powerful than we realize." He sees the true value of preserving the last islands of wilderness, agreeing with the late writer Wallace Stegner that just the fact of knowing it is out there is important to the human spirit. Clyde Aspevig Painting Mountains To Clyde Aspevig, painting expresses human emotion better than any other medium. The divine nature of light reveals to the receptive eye the timeless interaction of land forms and sky, water, flora, soil and rock. If he has any "mission" beyond the canvas in his creative endeavors, it is simply a wish to call attention to the timeless, intrinsic worth of our natural environment.

The image resolves from a deliberative yet intuitive process of the artist, seeing. Nature, undistorted by the filters of acculturation. Clyde's intent is to create something beautiful and harmonic. While subject matter is of prime consideration, further contemplation of the painting eventually yields its subtle nuances of texture and rhythm. His paintings possess qualities meant to outlast the viewer's initial infatuation, qualities that will endure well into succeeding generations.

Each painting is a struggle and a journey for the artist, the destination a prolonged feast of discovery for the viewer. While his mastery of the medium is apparent, the desire of the artist is that technique shall never override the painting's essential concept.

His own physical and spiritual connection with the subject's place and time emerges on the canvas, a transformation intended to be savored as long as the work exists. As far as Clyde is concerned, some of the most powerful representations he developed were those that left something out. That the viewer notices a sense of space, rhythm and harmony is no accident.
George Carlson - 2000 Featured Artist

Bella Rosetta
Medium: Bronze
Poster: Sketch for Bella Rosetta

George Carlson - Idaho
George Carlson, born in Elmhurst, Illinois, is one of the U.S.'s foremost artists. His formal art training includes studies at the Art Institute of Chicago, the American Academy of Art and the University of Arizona. Carlson, a man of diverse talents, is highly regarded for his pastels, oils and serigraphs in addition to his remarkable bronzes.

A common thread throughout Carlson's work, be it sculpture or painting, is his interest in texture, line and movement. Carlson believes that a work of art should be engaging and that the viewer, not just the artist, should contribute to the experience. Carlson does not copy or duplicate nature. He uses the natural world as a point of reference, developing and pushing it to achieve his purpose. As Carlson says, "a good piece of art is a balance between the intellect and the emotions."

Carlson frequently produces works as a series based on intensive study of a particular subject. He has created pieces depicting the native cultures of North and Central America, the Belgian draft horse, and more recently, a series devoted to the interpretation of classical ballet and folk dance.

Carlson, now residing in Idaho, is represented in some of the nation's most renowned museum and private collections including the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian Art, the Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art, the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum, the Denver Art Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and Lincoln Center. He has won numerous awards for both his sculpture and paintings including the Prix de West and several gold and silver medals from the National Academy of Western Art in Oklahoma City.
- Bio Courtesy Nedra Matteucci Galleries

Charles Fritz - 1999 Featured Artist

Along the Turquoise Trail
Medium: Oil

Charles Fritz - Billings, MT

Charles Fritz's paintings are an honest approach to the world around him, depicting the landscape, life and history of the Rocky Mountain region. In explaining his style, he describes himself as an outdoor artist, preferring to paint on location, a strennous and time-honored approach to the changing moods of nature. He has traveled extensively in the United States and Europe studying the paintings and working techniques of artists whose work he admires. Working in the tradition of such groups as the California Impressionists, the Pennsylvania School, the Russian Itinerants, and the great Western artists and illustrators of the first half of the twentieth century, he defines himself as a Wetern representational painter. His paintings, noted for their accuracy, are the product of comprehensive research. Subject matter, composition, design, technique, and surface texture are all areas of particular interest for Fritz.

An important aspect of Fritz's work is interpreting the landscape as he finds it, painting it true to the conditions, atmosphere, and characteristics of the location on that particular day. For him, each place is imbued with its own spirit and atmosphere. Working on locations and directly from life he persistenly pursues this objective, producing paintings that, like their subjects, each having an inherent uniqueness.

Born in 1955, Charles Fritz grew up in Mason City, Iowa, studying history and education at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. He left teaching to pursue his art and has worked exclusively as a professional artist for the last thirty years. His move to Montana in 1980 strengthened his interest in the history of the Great Plains and the West, which is apparent in the evolution of his work. Today he paints historical subjects in vast, luminous landscapes while residing in Billings, Montana with his wife and their two sons, Isaac and Erick.

Howard Post - 1998 Featured Artist

Range Mares
Medium: Oil

Howard Post - Queen Creek, AZ

Howard Post was born in 1948 in Tucson, Arizona. He earned his Bachelor's and Masters degrees in Fine Arts at the University of Arizona, and taught there for two years.

Post was born and raised on a ranch near Tucson and gravitated early towards the cowboy life. He began to enter rodeo competitions as a youth and in time became an Arizona High School All-Around Rodeo Champion, a member of the University of Arizona rodeo team and eventually a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association competitor. He also earned both Bachelor's and Masters degrees in Fine Arts at the university and taught there for two years. Read More »

Bill Anton - 1997 Featured Artist

Medium: Oil

Bill Anton - Arizona

Bill Anton was born in Chicago in 1957, and later moved to Prescott, Arizona. He graduated form Northern Arizona University. Later, after committing to painting full-time, he studied under Michael Lynch and Ned Jacob, who encouraged him to paint from life. Anton's work has been published in Southwest Art, Architectural Digest, Art of the West, Equine Images, Western Horseman and Art-Talk. He was featured on the cover of the April 2006 American Artist magazine. Corporate collections that include his work are Sears, Dupont, State Farm Insurance, Bank of America, Hewlett Packard, and Trust Company of the West. His award winning work has been displayed at the Prix de West at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Master of the American West at The Autry Museum, The National Center for American Western Art, The Old West Museum and The National Museum of Wildlife Art. In addition, his work is in the permanent collection of the prestigious Gilcrease Museum.

Jim Morgan - 1996 Featured Artist

High Desert Sentinel
Medium: Oil

Jim Morgan - Mendon, UT

Playing with light, brushstrokes, and texture in the style of an impressionist, Jim Morgan constantly searches for different ways to express the beauty he sees in nature. He seeks to attain only a few relatively simple goals in his art. He wants to enjoy the process of painting, while generating emotional participation from those who view his work. And, he tries to bring an awareness to others of the often-overlooked and intimate aspects of nature.

“My goals are relatively simple: enjoy the process of seeing and painting, gain an emotional response from the people who view the paintings, and bring an awareness of the often- overlooked intimate aspects of nature. I seek to bring a balance between the subject and the environment.. this harmony is aided by the play of light,shadow, and subtle color changes. I am intrigued by the patterns and shapes found in nature,and concentrate on the effects of these elements, the array of colors, and nature's ever changing moods.” Read More »

R.S. Riddick - 1995 Featured Artist

December's Dawn
Medium: Oil

R.S. Riddick - Tucson, AZ
Looking at a work of art created by R.S. Riddick is a visual feast of poetic color. His poetic use of color vibrations sing of the beauty in life.

Ron Riddick has been described as an artist’s artist. His masterful skill in the use of the tools of his trade (paint, brushes, & canvas) combined with his knowledge understanding of his subjects (light, color, anatomy, motion, & atmosphere) allow him to achieve the excellence he strives toward in his work. He brings it all together with his gift of artistic talent to create some of the most beautiful works of art today.

A versatile visionary; a master of design, color and light; seeker of excellence – these are R. S. Riddick. He portrays the truth and beauty of life in its infinite variety. He believes that art should be emotional; it should touch the human spirit and affirm humanity. When asked why he paints such a vast selection of imagery, he answers “I feel that an artist should remain faithful to creating art that speaks about the things he loves. For me, life is a visual feast and I hope to savor its abundance to the fullest.” Ron has dedicated his life to the pursuit of uncompromised excellence in his art. His loyalty to this end is evident. He continues to challenge himself. “I will always remain a student, working toward growth and refinement in my art and in my life.”

Born in 1952 in Santa Monica, California, he realized at a young age that he was destined to be an artist. His family and teachers encouraged his unique natural gifts and ability. Ron went on to study art in college at the renowned Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. He studied the fundamental disciplines of fine art. A formal education in classical training was not easily available, so Ron set out with firm resolve to teach himself. He made in depth studies of the schools of realism and impressionism. He researched the traditional Russian school of art and, painted with the gifted Russian artist Sergei Bongart. Ron’s teachers were primarily those master artists from an era gone by. The legacy of their art was to be his inspiration.

“When an artist succeeds in bringing together in harmony – creative ideals and commitment to growth, great things happen.”

William Matthews - 1994 Featured Artist 

Waddie's Slick Fork
Medium: Watercolor

William Matthews - Denver, CO
William Matthews was born in 1949 in New York City. He grew up in the Bay Area. His professional career began in Los Angeles, designing album covers for Warner Bros. and Capitol Records. He lived in Europe from 1975 to 1980. Upon his return to Colorado, he ran a graphic design studio until 1990 when he dedicated himself full time to painting.

He is most well known for his portrayal of the working cowboys from the great ranches of the American west. The 1994 published monograph, Cowboys & Images: The Watercolors of William Matthews, chronicles a decade of the artist’s work devoted to this subject. In the fall of 2007, Chronicle Books of San Francisco released a second monograph dedicated to the subject matter entitled, William Matthews: Working the West. Read More »