Andy Evansen Works

Andy Evansen

Vermillion, MN

“Watercolor has always fascinated me, the effects of pigment and water mixing on paper are so unique and challenging and the results so beautiful.  It is also the perfect medium for capturing those fleeting moments and light effects when working on location.

Watercolor painting, to me, is about making a direct statement. While I do like a degree of accuracy in my work, too much forced control deprives the medium of its very essence.  I believe the best way to engage a viewer is to pique their interest with strong shapes and a nice composition, then allow them to ‘fill in the blanks’ with implied details using a combination of lost and found edges.”



National Watercolor Society, Signature Member

Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA) , Signature Member

American Watercolor Society, Signature Member

Transparent Watercolor Society, Signature Member


Awards and Honors:

Fine Art Connoisseur Award of Excellence; California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition 2021

Mario Cooper and Dale Myers Memorial Award, American Watercolor Society Exhibition 2021

First Place, International Festival of Small Watercolors, Kiev, Ukraine, 2019

Frank Nash Memorial Award, TWSA 42nd Annual Exhibition 2018

Third Place, Watercolor Salon II, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2017

Best in Show, Door County Plein Air Festival 2017

High Winds Medal, American Watercolor Society 2015

Bronze Medal of Honor, American Watercolor Society 2012


Selected Publications:


The Art of Watercolour, March 2021

Modern Masters of Watercolour book (published in Russia 2020)

Pratique des Arts magazine, issue #152, August 2020

The Artist’s Magazine, January 2020

IWS magazine, Summer 2019

Watercolor Artist (cover), December 2018

The Art of Watercolour, June 2017

Southwest Art magazine, November 2017

Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, November 2015



Selected Exhibitions:

‘World of High Watercolor’, Moscow, October 2021

California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition, 2021

Fabriano Watercolor Festival, Fabriano, Italy 2021

American Watercolor Society 2021, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012

National Watercolor Society Members’ Exhibition, 2021, 2019

JIWI Japan International Watercolor Institute, 2020

IWS-Nepal International Watercolor Masters Exhibition, 2020

San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition, 2020

National Watercolor Society “50 Stars” Exhibition, 2020

California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition, 2020

‘Visions Adjoined’, National Watercolor Society and Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor, 2020

Coors Western Art Exhibit, 2020 and 2019

National Watercolor Society International Exhibition, Fall 2019

Same Rivers Other Waters; Watercolor Today Exhibition, New York, Summer 2019

Youyu International Watercolor event, China, May 2019