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Leon Loughridge

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Denver, CO

"As a printer or graphic artist, I want to record in printed form the elated feelings I have from my original sketches and paintings. To know that the passion of the original idea was translated into the print is the artists' reward."

Education: Colorado Institute Of Art; Dieter Kast at Stugart Staatsgalerie, Germany. 

Owner: Dry Creek Art Press, where he utilizes his printmaking skills in reduction woodblocks to produce limited editioned books and woodblock prints. 

Memberships: Salmagundi Club, NY. 

Publications: Western Art Collector; Western Art & Architecture; American Artist. 

Selected Exhibitions: Wichita Art Museum; Western Visions, Denver Art Museum;  3Perspectives, Gerald Peters Gallery.  

Collections: Denver Art Museum; Wichita Art Museum; Sangre de Cristo Art Center; The Western History Department, Denver Public Library. 

Representation: Gerald Peters Gallery; Breckenridge Gallery; Elements 5280; Goodwin Fine Art.