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Chris Maynard

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Olympia, WA

Chris Maynard carves feathers into intricate art displayed in shadow boxes, a signature art form he developed that enchants people around the world. Since feathers are universal symbols of flight, transformation, achievement, and hope, his art speaks to many people who, like him, also long to fly.

A conservationist at heart, Maynard’s feathers are legally obtained and naturally shed which means that the birds they came from may still be alive today.

Chris Maynard’s work is included in private collections and featured in publications in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. His book, Feathers, Form & Function, highlights his work and tells stories about what feathers are, what roles they fill for birds, and why people find them alluring.


Selected Publications:


Feathers Form and Function, Aviva Publishing, NY 2014

National Geographic Magazine, May 2020

AARP Magazine, July 2021

Garden and Gun, 2017

Southwest Art, 2019

Professional Artist 2018


Online USA only:







American Lifestyle

Huffington Post


Selected Exhibitions:

Desert Museum, Tucson

Bainbridge Museum of Art, Bainbridge Island

Cincinnati Museum of Art


Selected Collections:

Phillips Arena Owners Lounge, Atlanta,

Federal Reserve, Washington DC

Zheijang Natural History Museum, Hangzhou



Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe

Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum

Ric Michel NYC

Muriel Guepin NYC

Childhoods End, Olympia

Early Bird Art, Belgium

Galerie Bettina, Paris

Radius Gallery, Missoula