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Nicholas Ward

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Glenwood Springs, CO

Nicholas creates artwork that examines the fluidity of history and myth, and explores how Hollywood, pop culture, storytelling and time can warp both history and human behavior. The distinction between fact and fiction during 18th/19th century American West is extremely fluid as evidenced by the many books on that period. It is a very human tendency to embellish stories- whether by intent or the fragility of memory. A fact, after many minute hyperbole, creates an entirely different narrative. The ‘wild’ west seems to exist more in pop culture and media than in grounded fact. Nicholas exaggerates proportions and elements within his paintings to illustrate this sense of ‘unreality’ – a monumental hand, miniscule head, they fit, but there is a sense of surrealism to the whole scene to draw you out of this latent vision of the west.



University of Denver 2017

Keita Morimoto Studio Classical Portraiture- 2021
Keita Morimoto Studio Landscape Painting, Classical to Contemporary- 2021



Vicki Myhren Gallery, Denver, CO Core New Art Space, Denver, CO

Public Work
“Swine Study” (40’x8’) - 2019 Larimer Square, Denver, CO “Milkmaid In Rose”: (4’x6.5’) - 2019 Larimer Square, Denver, CO“Fertility” (4’x5’) - 2022 Glenwood Springs, CO