Maureen Ruddy Burkhart Works

Maureen Ruddy Burkhart

Westminster, CO 

Maureen had an international upbringing and eventually settled in Colorado where she is continually inspired by its natural beauty. 

Like many, she has seen a lot of changes to “the West”, mostly to the landscape. Development in urban and surrounding suburbs is rampant, it seems that every spare inch is spoken for. As a naturalist and photographer, she wondered…where will the creatures go? The short answer is the public lands and dedicated open spaces, and even those spaces are becoming over-crowded. 

With her bird series “Evanescence: for things that are fleeting or quickly  disappearing”, it is her attempt to hold beauty firmly in our hearts, thereby preserving the creatures to behold and ideas to embrace. 

Maureen’s photographic practice often utilizes multiple shots to ‘create’ a landscape that is informed by its original scene. She then adds texture while utilizing layering and masking techniques to emphasize the birds. Her goal is to create an almost fantasy-like world, a place where creatures can still live their best lives. 

“Evanescence exists at the boundary line between reality and fiction, immortalizing the astonishing beauty of her (Burkhart’s) avian muses while also transporting them to someplace new.”— Ellyn Kail, editor, Feature Shoot Magazine. 



BFA Photography, San Francisco Art Institute 

BS Film & Media, Grand Valley State University, MI 



2022 Winner, Feature Shoot Magazine, “Evanescence” 

2021 International Photography Awards, “Evanescence #1” 

2020 Paris Photo Prize, “Isolation Flora” 

2019 Tokyo Photo Awards, “Spirit Rising” 

2019 British Journal of Photography Top 50 “Portrait of Humanity” 

2018 First Place, Picfair Agency, Women Behind the Lens 

2013 Artist Member of the Year, Firehouse Art Center, Longmont, CO 



2021-2022 D’Art Gallery, Denver 

2021 Photoville, San Francisco  

2021 Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities, Arvada, CO “Viral Influence: Art in the Time of Coronavirus” 

2020 Earth in Focus, Bethel Woods Center, NY 

2019 Paris Photo Prize Annual Exhibition 

2018 The Guardian News, London 

2016 Berlin Foto Biennale 

2011 Desert Art Palace, Inner Mongolia, China 

2009 Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO