Valerie B Gobeil Works

Valerie B Gobeil

Chandler, Arizona

"The wildlife I render onto canvas does not arrive without its story. It has felt the majesty of eagle flight, the pride of a wild stallion, and the serenity of an orangutan nursing her infant. With each glide of my brush against canvas, sinew and spirit reveals itself until I feel the power, the strength and the vulnerability of these beings. I strive to share this emotional connection with the viewer so that they may linger, smile, perhaps frown – and always dream."


Extended Bio:


Valerie is a full-time artist whose work portrays exceptional versatility, communicating emotions that are both personal yet universally understood. She was born in rural Canada, one of seven siblings, with the Alberta plains and rugged Rocky Mountains as her playground. She was surrounded by a plethora of domestic animals as well as the numerous wildlife encountered and photographed on family excursions. She began her art career after attaining degrees in Education and Archaeology, and living abroad for many years where she taught languages in Japan, worked for NATO in Europe, and studied orangutan behavior in the rain forests of Borneo. Although Valerie is known primarily for her wildlife oil paintings, she has also had a successful career as a still-life artist. She shifted her focus when she realized that she was more fulfilled while painting eyes, muscles and vivid wildlife. Her approach emphasizes the blending of realism (the bones of her work), with the creative use of composition, brushstroke, and the play of light and shadow to attain that "unique moment in time". Her paintings reflect her experiences, both in her profound connection with the animal world, and the objects she has collected for her still lifes. Valerie’s work is collected throughout North America and Europe.




“It is neither the art’s simplicity, complexity nor even the subject matter that engages the viewer, but its emotional impact.”




Degrees in Education (University of Alberta) and Archaeology (Simon Fraser University)


Select Exhibitions:



National Cowboy Museum, Small Works Great Wonders

C.M. Russell Museum, First Strike Live Auction

C.M. Russell Museum, Charlie's March Roundup Live Auction 

Phoenix Zoo, Inaugural Juried Arizona Artists Celebrate the Natural World



Oil Painters of America, National Juried Exhibition

Oil Painters of America, Western Regional Juried Exhibition



Oil Painters of America, Western Regional Juried Exhibition



Federation of Canadian Artists, O Canada! Juried Exhibition

Federation of Canadian Artists, Ode to Oils Juried Exhibition



Oil Painters of America, Western Regional Juried Exhibition

Scottsdale Art School, Best & Brightest

Federation of Canadian Artists, Artist's Choice Juried Exhibition

Federation of Canadian Artists, Active Member Juried Exhibition

Art Muse, Finalist



Federation of Canadian Artists, CanCon Juried Exhibition

Federation of Canadian Artists, Small, Smaller Smallest Juried Exhibition

Federation of Canadian Artists, Limitless Juried Exhibition